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Hi, I'm a Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach specialized in expat woman.

  • Are you having a hard time to figure out who you are in this whole moving process?

  • Are you having trouble to control your sadness?

  • Is it been difficult to find your own path on this family adventure?

  • If the whole family is out there in their own activities and you are feeling alone and lost, that's when my help is needed.

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A safe space to help you to archive your best self, wherever you are

  • Are you having a hard time figuring out who you are in this whole moving process?

  • Are you having trouble controlling your sadness or anxiety?

  • Is it been difficult to find your sense of belonging or your own path on this family adventure?

  • Are you having trouble focusing on your career or finding your professional development in the expat life?

  • If the whole family is out there in their own activities and you are feeling alone and lost, that's when my help is needed.


I will guide you and help you to understand where you are right now.


What are those feelings inside of you?


Here you won't feel lost or confused, but you will find acceptance and empathy to construct and define your personal goals to change what you need,

and archived your best!

About Me

Formei em psicologia em 1999. Concluí meu mestrado em psicologia social em uma das melhores universidades do Brasil, Universidade de Brasília.


Em 2003, deixei o Brasil para uma nova aventura com minha família. Por mais de 20 anos, moro no exterior.


Nos meus 7 anos de prática clínica em Bangkok, desenvolvi um vasto conhecimento do mundo da vida de expatriados e do choque cultural. Nos meus anos nos EUA, reforcei meu conhecimento no campo. E fiz treinamento em terapia de casais por entender claramente a forma como a expatriação pode prejudiar ou dificultar a relação entre cônjuges. Também me dediquei ao estudo da  psicologia positiva, CBT e técnicas de coach para atender as demandas da mulher expatriada.

Sendo uma mulher como você, que largou a vida no seu país de origem para manter a familia junta sei das dificuldades; e por tê-las vencido e estudado bastante, me sinto apta à ajudá-la.


Meu trabalho é fornecer assistência e orientação na resolução de dificuldades pessoais, sociais e psicológicas de mulheres, especialmente das que vivem  expatriadas, em terapia ou mentoria.

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Certified by the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP)

  • One on one Psychoterapy

  • Mentoring for Expat Woman


My Services

Respecting everyone's beautiful differences I will work in a 50min session only for your personal needs. Privacy and acceptance are keywords for our work. 

Every thought is important and every pain respected.

Trust your fears, agony, sorrows, Traumas, and hurtful moments with me and you will find peace and a clear mind to reorganize your feelings and goals in life.

  • In every session,  you will find empathy and acceptance.

  • Gestalt Therapy, CBT, and Positive Psychology are my backgrounds.

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I also offer the Mentoring package. If you thinking that you are lost, stuck, and need to do changes in your life but you don't know where to start, this is a good opportunity for you.

Individual meetings of 60 min every week for 3 months, a total of 12 meetings. It will be scheduled within the possibility of both sides. Meetings will happen in the Zoom.

We will explore your sense of self, discover how the expat life and new culture have influenced you, and take action to get to the changes that your life needs. 

For more information about this program: click here.

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  • Counseling Session


If you’re experiencing extreme suffering right now,  having problems with an abusive husband/boyfriend, suffering from the loss of authority of your kids, difficult to fight your negative thoughts, feeling lonely, afraid to take the step you need to do today...


Don't be alone!

if you need to talk with someone that you can trust your secrets but you don't have whom to do that, give me a call!

In a 30-minute call, I can help you with your problem and help you to find the directions you need to solve it.

Sometimes we just need somebody to help us put our thoughts in place, but the expat life can be so terribly lonely.

This session is shorted than the psychotherapy session and will try to help you solve a specific conflict that you are living in the moment.

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"A mobile Woman is so used to braving unknown situations that fear has become second nature. For her, the challenge is to figure out what will make her happy, indeed, to know her 'self'"  

Robin Pascoe

Fritz Perls

"You are you, and I am I, and if by chance, we find each other, it's beautiful. If not, it can't be helped."

Let's Talk
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