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How I Work

I can work with you in two ways.


As a Counselor, I can provide individual sessions, according to your needs, empowering you to accomplish Mental Health balance and Wellness. 


As a life coach, I can offer specific coach sessions to help you to achieve the change or the goal you want in your life.

Both approaches, require from us a personal commitment of time, energy, and resources.


My clients originate from many different countries and nationalities. My fees can start at $150 (US dollars). However, 

because my coaching is personalized to fit your requirements, my fee structure is flexible to adapt to individual situations. I also guarantee a special fee for wives of staff United Nations or International Organization. As a UN wife, I understand well the necessities and challenges that UN spouses face.


My main goal, as a professional, is to help as many UN wives to reach the best of them in the opportunities that the expat life can bring.


To make my work accessible wherever we are, the sessions are via Skype. To get the most out of our sessions you need to have a place where you feel comfortable,  safe and with no disruption to call me.


I encourage you to contact me so we can discuss your personal circumstances and find a solution that works for both of us. Email me first, and we can talk and decide what is best for you.



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